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You train your body physically, you drill, you practice; You work on timing, rhythm, and turn out. All for a competitive edge. But what do you do to train your mind for the mental edge?

Training and competing puts a physical strain not only on your body, but your mind as well. 

With simple mindful techniques you can attain calm, focused clarity and achieve greater success in competition. 

This ‘mental strength training’ allows you to get out of your head during competition so that your physical training can take over

These techniques aren’t only beneficial for Irish Dance, once a dancer learns to manage their stress in competition the techniques carryover into everyday life and school. 

It is empowering to attain mastery over stress and anxiety. Knowing that they have control over something that made them feel completely out of control creates a strong sense of self mastery. 

Through mindfulness techniques, dancers realize That there is a way to be calm in a competition setting, and actually enjoy the experience!

About Siubhan

Siubhan first experienced the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with athletes while earning her undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine at the University of Connecticut. After completing her graduate degree in Exercise Science Siubhan became a Program Director of a corporate fitness center in Boston. There she facilitated wellness programs to the center’s many corporate partners, including meditation and mindfulness.  So when Siubhan’s daughter struggled with anxiety as an Irish Dancer, she knew that meditation and mindful techniques would be effective. Over the years of working with her daughter and other dancers this plan has evolved into a set of meditations and mindfulness techniques which effectively combat the stress and anxiety of this highly competitive sport. 

Siubhan has seen these techniques work first hand on her own daughter whose anxiety caused her to quit dance when she was 13 to now working in professionally in Dublin and touring Europe while earning her college degree. 

The stress of dance, the pressures of school and the hectic life of this plugged in generation takes its toll physically and mentally. These techniques give them tools to manage it all and helps them develop life changing skills. 

Siubhan is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher and teaches classes and workshops in the greater Philadelphia area.  

As a Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Siubhan works one on one with clients in her studio in West Chester, PA

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Reduce stress, increase mental clarity, and attain peak performance in Irish Dance through mindfulness techniques.

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