Winning Mindset Meditation and Affirmations


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To succeed in competition, you need to focus not only on your physical training, but on creating the proper mindset as well; a winning mindset.

Being a winner isn’t about dancing perfectly and winning every competition every time. Every dancer has to deal with times when they don’t succeed.  But the time to review where things went wrong and correct issues in a dance is after competition.  During a competition, a dancer has to focus on the certainty of their ability to win.

I’m not going to tell you that if your dancer simply believes and visualizes themselves winning that is always going to lead to success.  But the more one sets the intention and visualizes their success, the better they prepare their mind for success; Just as the more one practices and drills, the better they prepared their body for success.

By learning to focus their attention in this, confident and affirming manner, they develop the mindset of winner.

Winning mindset affirmations:

Affirmations are different from meditations in that you are actively repeating the phrases to yourself.  I suggest dancers play this track while they are showering, getting ready for the day, or driving in the car. Pretty much anywhere they feel comfortable repeating the phrase out loud. Affirmations help dancers replace negative self-talk with more positive affirming beliefs.


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