Worthiness Meditation and Affirmations


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While this meditation is very valuable for dancers, it is equally beneficial for non-dancers.  Worthiness is a very tricky concept to understand.  It often shows up looking like a dancer doesn’t believe in themselves or have confidence in their abilities, but it is actually a sense that the dancer doesn’t feel like they are good enough to achieve their goal, or worthy of their accomplishments.  This lack of worthiness is often the result of the inherent nature of competitive Irish Dance.  A dancer can come off the stage feeling like they danced their best, and can come away with no placement, and at other times feel like they didn’t dance their best and get top placements.  This leaves a dancer often feeling that their accomplishments are random or luck rather than due to their skill or hard work.  Outside of dance, social media often sets us up for feelings of inadequacy by comparing ourselves to the seemingly perfect life of others.

This very powerful healing meditation includes Affirmations which are intended to be said out loud several times a week to reinforce a worthiness mindset.  I often have  dancers listen to this track and repeat the phrases while they are getting ready in the morning or taking a shower, really they can do them anyplace that they feel comfortable repeating the phrases out loud.


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