“It was mind blowing to see the immediate results. I thought it would take months! They were so prepared for the World Championships.”

Colleen Schroeder

ADCRG, Lynn O’Grady Quinlan Academy


Zen Rince’s 90-minute workshops consist of a yin yoga practice and meditation. Yin yoga is a still and passive practice.  Focusing on longer holds, yin yoga encourages the connective tissue to release enhancing the natural range of mobility in the joints, and ultimately help develop greater strength and flexibility across the entire body. This form of yoga is an ideal counterbalance to a dancer’s rigorous training and creates greater joint range of motion and flexibility. Siubhan is a 200 RYT and teaches yoga in the Greater Philadelphia area. Please contact for rates and availability.


Reiki is an ancient healing method used to unblock and balance one’s energy. As a Master Level Practioner, Siubhan uses Reiki to effectively reduce a dancer’s stress and anxiety and promote overall wellbeing.  A 1-hour session includes meditation and reiki and is done one on one in her studio in West Chester, PA. Please contact for rates and availability.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching allows dancers an opportunity to discuss their goals and gain a greater understanding of their barriers to success. Many dancers deal with a lot of pressure, performance anxiety, mental blocks or loss of confidence. Virtual sessions help a dancer improve their mindset and realize any psychological/emotional issues that may be impacting their performance, health, and well-being. And using a combination of meditation and mindfulness techniques to not only perform better but create lifelong changes in how one manages stress and anxiety.

About Us

Reduce stress, increase mental clarity, and attain peak performance in Irish Dance through mindfulness techniques.

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